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Shared Energy is an umbrella for activity and ideas mainly around climate change and energy descent



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Shared Energy is about people as much as energy and climate. We will need to make big changes in our lifestyles over 10 or 20 years because of climate change and peak oil. The interaction and fun we have on the way are as important as our long-term aims. We offer practical information, mutual support and consultancy; and we are developing talks and workshops.

We emphasise the mutual support side, because even when individuals are convinced there is a need to make huge changes, it is difficult to get started when others around are not acting and the world seems to carry on as if nothing needs to change. You almost feel abnormal or obsessive to be trying at all, and it is as if you have feet in two different worlds. It is important to talk to other people and enable them to make changes, by giving workshops, organising events and sharing information about home energy and other lifestyle changes. We can start by helping each other to become active, and then sharing the information more widely. There is already a huge amount of information – lots of websites – visit 'Stuff we like' and 'Links' for a selection that we have found helpful.