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Climate change will make it impossible for us to keep using the amount of energy we do now, and in any case, prices will rise sharply over the next few years as oil supplies reach a peak and then decline. In the UK 30% of our fuels are used for home heating and appliances and around 25% of an average individual’s energy use comes from food growing and food transport.

We already have the expertise to change this drastically: now is the time to begin. The sooner we start, the sooner we start to make a difference.

Individuals, communities and whole countries are already making energy descent plans. There are more and more Transition Towns like Totnes, Lewes, and Brixton in London, and the movement is now international. For a general article with links click here (39k pdf)

  • For Transition Towns see
  • For more about the issue of peak oil see and for a personal energy descent plan click here (33k pdf)
  • For support in being personally active see what COIN in Oxford are doing locally see Other groups are using this model. Powerswitch has a useful searchable list of local organisations. If you are making changes it is good to talk to other people and find reliable installers for example.
  • For campaigns against climate change see
  • Email us at Shared Energy (below) and we will try to help also.